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Lots of people watch the first Frankenstein 1931 movie, and often the Bride of Frankenstein too, but did you know there were actually six movies in the series (not including the later spoof movies)? Well, thanks to a season of movies on an obscure TV channel a few years ago, we have watched them all so you don’t have to!

Bride of Frankenstein

We discover that the monster survived the fire by taking cover in a pit under
the mill. It escapes, kills a few more people, gets chased by more angry mobs,
gets captured, and escapes again. It makes a few friends, including a blind
hermit (who teaches it to talk), and Henry’s former mentor, the sinister Doctor
Septimus Pretorius. Pretorius and the monster persuade Henry to make a mate for
the monster by kidnapping Elizabeth, and they all return to Castle Frankenstein
together. When the “bride” comes to life though, she rejects the monster.
Miserably, the monster declares “we belong dead” and blows up the lab using the
self-destruct lever that Henry had for some reason installed. Only Henry and
Elizabeth escape.

Son of Frankenstein

Henry’s son, Wolf (Basil Rathbone) moves his family to Frankenstein village.
With the help of demented blacksmith Ygor (Béla Lugosi), Wolf finds the
monster’s comatose body, and for some reason thinks it would be a good idea to
revive it. The monster however (now mute again for reasons not explained) goes
on a killing spree. We discover that Ygor can control the monster (it is not
explained how) and he is using it to kill his enemies in the village. When Wolf
kills Ygor, the monster kidnaps Wolf’s young son. Eventually, Wolf defeats it
by kicking it into a boiling sulphur pit. Then he decides to leave town, but
before he leaves he donates the castle to the cheering villagers.

Ghost of Frankenstein

When villagers (who are angry again) blow up Castle Frankenstein, Ygor (not
dead after all!) finds the monster (Lon Chaney Jr) in the dried up sulphur pit,
and revives it. After more killings, angry mobs, and tender moments with little
girls, the monster is captured, escapes, and is recaptured. The ghost of Henry
Frankenstein appears to his other son, Ludwig, and tells him that he must save
the family’s honor by replacing the monster’s faulty criminal brain with the
brain of a good person. With the aid of a rival surgeon though, Ygor tricks
Ludwig into putting his brain into the monster’s body. However, the monster’s
body rejects Ygor’s brain, and it goes blind. Staggering around the mansion,
the monster accidentally starts a fire, and the mansion burns down.

Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man

Larry Talbot, the “Wolf Man”, travels to Castle Frankenstein in the
hope of finding a way to die. While in werewolf form, he comes across the body
of the monster, which is (for some reason) in the frozen catacombs beneath the
castle, and accidentally revives it. The wolf man and the monster (no longer
blind or having Ygor’s personality, I seem to remember) end up fighting over a
young woman, before the local tavern owner blows up the town dam, causing a
flood that drowns them.

House of Frankenstein

A new character, Dr. Gustav Niemann (played by Boris Karloff), escapes from
prison, and (after quickly reviving and then killing Count Dracula!) finds the
bodies of the monster and the wolf man which are in the flooded ruins of castle
Frankenstein. He naturally revives them both, but after a lot of unpleasantness
involving gypsy girls, silver bullets, and angry mobs, Niemann and the monster
drown in quicksand.

House of Dracula
This movie is mainly about Dracula and the wolf man, who are both seeking cures for their respective conditions. The monster only appears at the very end, when he is revived again, and burned to death in a castle, again.

Here is horror master Boris Karloff singing the Monster Mash with Bobby Boris Pickett…

Here is a tribute to the star…

This is Halloween…

Sam the Sham and The Pharoahs…Little Red Riding Hood …nice animated clip

Casper The Friendly Ghost…

Werewolves of London by the late, great Warren Zevon…

Great Universal Horror Clips

Dark Shadows…Great 1960’s Horror Soap Opera

Nightmare on my street…Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

A great clip from the 1980 film Hollywood Knights…it takes place on Hollywood Night 1965

Ghost Riders in The Sky…

Vincent Price’s Monster Mash…

Alice Cooper with Vincent Price…

Classics IV “Spooky”

Atlanta Rhythm Section “Spooky”



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